Crossandra Fortuna


The Crossandra (firecrack flower) originally is from India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The plant is being used for different traditions (Indian name: Kanakamparam). The flowers are used for hair decoration, which need to bring prosperity. The strong flowers are very popular because of their bright color and good shelf life.
The Crossandra Fortuna is a self-developed type and is stronger than excisting species. The Crossandra Fortuna thanks her name to the fact that this cultivar bloom richly, has beautiful shiny leafs and is preservable for a long time. You will be amazed by the many beautiful flowers this plant will give.



1. A bright, sunny spot:

The Crossandra loves a bright position, but try to avoid for the plant to stand in direct sunlight. In summer months the Crossandra Fortuna can also be placed outside.

2. Keep moist, the soil should not dry out:

It is important to give the plant enough water to enjoy this mesmerizing plant as long as possible. Do not allow the soil to dry out; the plant can have enough water twice a week. Give some plant food once a month.

3. Remove old flowers:

To enjoy this beautiful plant longer, it is recommended to remove old flowers once in a while. The plant will bloom easier and for months in a row will show rich, beautiful flowers.