Gardenia Jasminoides


The Gardenia Jasminiodes (Dutch name: Cape Jasmine) is originally from southern Asia. At good care, a Gardenia can give a lovely fragrant of creamy white rose-like flowers for months in a row. These flowers provide your living room in a natural way of a jasmine-like scent every day. The dark-green shiny leaves ensure that the plant is also very decorative at the time that there is no open flower in the plant. Because the flowers are beautiful creamy white and have a lovely fragrant, they were formerly often used as buttonhole flowers.
The Gardenia can in the warmer period be placed well outside on the terrace or balcony, but would like to overwinter inside, because of its tropical origin.

gardenia in schaal.jpg
Gar bloem .JPG


1. A bright, sunny spot:

This means lots of sunlight but not in direct sunlight. A place in the windowsill is ideal. When the leaves are becoming brown, this can be a sign of too much direct sunlight. The failure of buds or the failure to bloom can point to a possible lack of sunlight.

2. Keep moist, the soil should not dry out:

Foresee the Gardenia of regular watering. Especially when the plant gets plenty of sunlight it needs much water. A Gardenia is a tropical plant and thus likes moisture. It really cannot have drought, but the plant also does not like wet feet. Give the plant about 3 times a week water, the amount of water depends on the size of the pot, but make sure at least for the soil to remain moist. Just give water to the soil is fine, but to put the pot for a few minutes into a layer of water is also a good way to give water.

3. Remove old flowers:

The flowers become, as they get older, yellow/brown of color. This does not mean that it is not going well with the Gardenia. Just remove the old flowers, which promotes blooming. There are plenty of flower buds in your Gardenia to ensure that there will be a beautiful new flower again.