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At Richplant we are constantly seeking to add new, special products to our assortment. We love unique products and want to be able to offer you a surprising assortment of both flowering and green plants. We would like to introduce special products that are unknown to many. The specials we offer you at the moment are the Colocasia and the Caladium. On this page we explain these special products.


The Iresine originates from tropical South America and even more specifically mainly from the south of Brazil. This is a separate plant that you do not encounter so much. With bright colors, this plant quickly catches the eye in the house. The beautifully colored leaves and stems can vary in color from green, yellow, pink or purple which is emphasized by the contrasting veins. Because of these veins and sometimes strong red color, this plant is also called steak plant or blood leaf.


Care Iresine:

As with almost any plant, it is best to water regularly and not let the root ball dry out. The Iresine is a very easy plant and can stand in both a somewhat dark and a light place.


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Geogenanthus Midnight Pearl

The Geogenthus Ciliatus Midnight Pearl originally grows in the rainforests of Peru. The plant grows at the bottom of the rainforest and is therefore used to shade, warm temperatures and a humid environment. The Geoganthus is a very easy and strong houseplant. In the unlikely event that the plant goes a little limp because it has forgotten to water, it will not die immediately. Then give some water quickly and then you will see the Geogenanthus quickly refurbished.

The beautiful leaves make it a highly sought-after plant. The leaves are unique and have a luxurious appearance. When the plant is young, the leaves are bright green with a thick purple stripe and as the plant ages the leaves turn darker to almost black with a shiny purple glow.

It is not for nothing that this houseplant has won the Glass Tulip Award 2023!


Care Geoganthus:

As with almost any plant, it is best to water regularly and not let the root ball dry out. The Geogeanthus does not like direct sunlight, which can damage the leaves.


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